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Support musicians

Friends of SSS consists of a group of music lovers who support the development of the arts in the contemporary world.

Our mission is enabling talented musicians to attend the program by providing generous scholarships and financial support.

Proceeds benefit participants with financial assistance to attend the program and support the cultural integration of participants from around the world.  We have many applicants applying from the four corners of the world who are unable to afford their participation.  

All Friends of SSS members are welcome to visit the program and invited to a dinner party to be held in Sofia during SSS 2023 on July 10th.  In addition, members have exclusive access to tours and meetings with the Directors of the Sofia Symphonic Summit.

All SSS participants automatically become members for a full year, with no costs involved.

If you are interested in contributing, please see our list of options below, or simply contact us at

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Harry Bulow, PhD

Friends of SSS | President


Dear Music Lover:

The Friends of the Sofia Symphonic Summit consist of music lovers like yourself who recognize the need for talented and gifted artists to be given the opportunity to develop their skills, broaden their understanding and engage with other professionals from around the world. The Sofia Symphonic Summit has a growing international reputation as a center for emerging artists as well as those established professionals who help build the future of music. One of the most important aspects of the program is the wide range of cultural integration and engagement among all participants. SSS offers a unique experience bringing many different cultures together through music. It is a critical component for the future of the arts internationally. 

It is the mission of the Friends of SSS to help those who may not have all the necessary resources to attend the Summit. Some of the most talented individuals applying for admission cannot attend simply because their funding falls short. This is where we would like you to step in; become a part of this widely recognized international program that helps build the future of music. Join hands with us and help talented musicians from around the world have a life-changing experience in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As a member, you will become a partner is our program and receive special benefits. All friends can come to Sofia, Bulgaria, meet with the composers and conductors, have exclusive access to tours, and meet the Directors of the Summit along with members of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. You will be invited to a special dinner on July 10, 2023 in recognition of your commitment and engagement with the Summit. 
If you are interested in contributing, please see our list of options below, or simply contact us at 


Friend of SSS
$0 - Friend of SSS – No cost membership, receives free info and newsletter each year. All participants past and present will be on the Friends list among others.

Donor Categories
All donors receive the annual newsletter.

$1-$250 – Sponsors - name appears on website.
$251-$500 – Patrons - name appears on website.
$501-$999 - Conductors Club Members - receive Guest of the Summit passes for one person for one year,
name appears on website.
$1000-$4,999 - Composers Club Members – receive Guest of the Summit passes for 2 people for one year, recognition at concert, name appears on website, and plaque recognizing achievement.
$5000-$9,999 - Virtuoso Club Members- receive Guest of the Summit passes for 4 people for one year, recognition at a concert, name appears on website, and plaque recognizing achievement.
$10,000+ - Impresario - receives Life Membership as Guest of the Summit pass for 4 people (on-going), recognition at concert, plaque recognizing achievement, and expanded biography and photo on the website.

Corporate Donors
Corporate donations follow the same pattern as regular donors except that corporate sponsors may also receive advertising space on the website and newsletter, as follows:
Advertising that comes with donation:
$501-$999 – Bronze (half page on newsletter)
$1,000-4,999 – Silver (full page on newsletter)
$5,000-$9,999 – Gold (full page on newsletter; logo on advertising materials)
$10,000+ – Platinum (two pages on
 newsletter; logo on advertising materials)

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